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„Musical Realms of Breath and Voice which enable us to question our conditioned Perception of Time, Space and Place…

Sounds from another time – this is the impression left behind by the tones which voice artist isabeella beumer places into musical space. It is a challenge to find one’s own story inside a labyrinth of tone, to be carried along by the flood of the heard and to question place and space. We encounter sounds produced with hardly comprehendible vocal techniques.
[NDR – Norddeutscher Rundfunk]

isabeella beumer has an immense spectrum of vocal articulation. Her range of harmonic tones is one of a hardly graspable richness. The clearly audible “underquint” seems like a bourdon with which she accompanies her own singing. [R.Spring, Musical Scientist]

An archaeological site of subconscious processes is made available to the listener by this purely vocal acoustic experience. beumer is working with a “cosmically-existential language”[Carlfriedrich Claus] which primarily puts itself across though the emotional field ; across the psycho-physical tensions between man and matter. [Neue Zeitschrift für Musik]

Where sounds and seemingly pre-lingual, word like texts appear – particularly as they combine with vocal tone, we leave reality behind (…) The one or other may have vague difficulties at first hearing - but he or she will quickly be surrounded, almost stunned, by tones. Carried away by fantasies of sound-combinations which seem inexhaustible. A masterpiece of the human voice and musical magic. [basel ka-kultur.e]

As a sound-poet, isabeella beumer is musician and musical instrument at the same time. She is one among the best vocal artists and sound-poets of the 20th/21st century. [Ch.Goller-Intern. Voices Festival Innsbruck]

As voice-artist, composer of acoustic acts and also author, isabeella beumer is a voice on international stages – be it in “new music”, sound-art and free jazz. She works with her voice - her instrument of singing and speech - in the most extreme ranges on concerts, musical theatres and reading performances. Numerous broadcasts at international television- and radio stations are documents of her work.

She studied interdisciplinary art, music and literature in Vienna from 1993-1996 in intensive collaboration with H.C. Artmann, Ginka Steinwachs, Allen Ginsberg, Blixa Bargeld & Gerh. Rühm. She further worked together with composers and musicians like among others Vinko Globokar (CD recordings –nu-), Johannes Fritsch, Jörg Widmann, Michael Riessler, Simon Stockhausen, Nicolaus Richter de Vroe, Irvine Arditti, Mike Svoboda, Isao Nakamura, as well as with the symphony orchestra of the Bayrischer Rundfunk.

Performance extracts are preserved for posterity in the renowned "Ed Sanders Videolibrary for Soundpoetry in Woodstock - New York“.

Her sound-art compositions awaken interest all over the world and are broadcasted internationally.

Her participation in international festivals for voice art, soundpoetry, sound-art and new music in Europe and Asia underline her particular vocal quality.

isabeella beumer was among others part of

-         Nacht der Poesie“ Sofien Säle -Vienna,

-         „Leverkusener JazzTage“,

-         The musical theater in the German Pavilion on the EXPO 2000,

-         2ème Festival international d’art vivant” – Lyon

-         “Festival la batie de genève” – Geneva

In 2000 she was Germany’s musical ambassador at the international festival.  "2000 the year of new arts" - Goethe-Institut-Seoul, Korea.

She also participated several times at the Musica Viva of the BR-Munic.

2001 Composition for the Musica Viva (Bayrischer Rundfunk) for vocals and tuba

2005 Donaueschinger Musiktage SWR

2006 Intern. Festival de las Artes-Salamanca [Auftragwerk Bühnen-Musikstück]

2007 Composition for Deutschland Radio-Kultur-Berlin

2008 Wittener Tage neuer Kammermusik WDR

2007 lecturer at the –vienna-poetry-academy- Vienna

She also accepted several invitations of the Goethe Institut.


The following books of her texts and Voice Art CDs were published:

1992 –  „COMPONERE“, as an artist sponsorship´92 by the district of the city of Herford,

1994 – „das meinen abgepflückt“- Rospo-Verlag-Hamburg,

1997 – „um:schreiben oder das gedicht ins lauschen falten“- Pendragon-Verlag,

2000 – „allenfalls spuren“- Rasch-Verlag.


CD-publications of live- and studio recordings of Voice Art:

1997 – voice art live / -klangrausch-musik-

1998 – nu – isabeella beumer – Vinko Globokar  in concert – telos records-

1998 – Freitag der Dreizehnte- concert in the museum of modern art Lüdenscheid-Stadt Lüdenscheid

1998 – „und das andere zusammenfügen“ isabeella beumer Kurz-Film-dwf-studios-salzburg –

1998 – „ich habe kein handy“ Hörstück -overdrive studio-

2000 – voice art live / revised remake

2001-2006developement of audio works for CD

2007 – „choom“- / klangrausch-musik

2007 - „niemand wusste von ihr…“ contemporary poetry- klangrausch-musik-

2007 - „niemand wusste von ihr…“ Videofilm- Uraufführung 2007 Wien –

2007 - scientific study IIB / regulating effects of the voice of isabeella beumer

2008 - „lichtwind“ -klangrausch-records-

2008 - „my voice“ -klangrausch-records-

2008 - „visual voice“ und  “between“ (Kurzfilme-Marie Henin)

In 2003/2004 anthologies with works of isabeella beumer were published in Russia, Italy and Germany, among others as audio-book: "Fümms bö tää zää Uu – Stimmen und Klänge der Lautpoesie" (Hörbuchpreis 2003 Hrg.Chr.Scholz/Urs Engeler) and also
„Alles LALULA“ audio-book anthology (Verlag Eichborn-Hörbuch) among others with John Cage, Joseph Beuys, Yoko Ono, John Lennon, Meredith Monk, isabeella beumer.

2006 Dokumentation des Deutschen Musikrates. Musik in Deutschland 1950-2000 (on CD)
Publication on the developement of contemporary music in the second half of the 20th century. Audio- Anthology. Solo singing accompanied by orchestra (composition by Nicolaus Richter de Vroe).

2007 – Lecturer at the „vienna poetry academy“ sfd-Vienna  -  Intuitive Poetry

Born in Herford (Westphalia) isabeella beumer moved from Vienna to Hamburg and then to Düsseldorf.

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